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Our stroller systems are designed with proprietary technology to ensure smooth travels.

All Around Engagement


Enjoy easy reclining and 360-degree rotation in one fluid motion. With our patented technology, Baby can be forward-facing, parent-facing, upright, or fully-reclined when docked into the SmartHub® base.

One Hub Fits All


Our key feature to customize your system with seating options and positions to ensure seamless travel throughout the days and years. Just dock and go!

Supreme Suspension

Double Quadshock™

Our patented Double Quadshock front wheel suspension system absorbs impact and ensures a smooth ride.

Smart Design, Exeptional Results

Luxe Travel

Babies ride in comfort with dual-sided memory foam cushioning and premium textiles.

Up, Down, and All Around

Easy 3-step seat reclining positions to engage baby upright or relax fully reclined when docked in SmartHub™.

Puncture-Free Tires

Keep rolling with lightweight, no-pump tires.

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Kim Kardashian

Megan Fox

Justin Timberlake

Jessica Alba

John Legend

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